Sunday, March 13, 2011

The War on Teachers and Sense

So- a certain political figure in Wisconsin, backed by members of a certain political bent, decided to declare war on teachers. One of their attacks says that these middle-class teachers are somehow greedy, for having the temerity to ask for scraps, such as affordable health care and a living wage.

These political dipsticks are the same ones who stridently defend the indefensible pay, privileges, and power of the super-rich CEOs and bankers.

How backwards can you get?

They say that the rich ones who contribute little, and who cause irreparable harm on a regular basis, should be rewarded with more yachts, mansions, and gold, wrung from the taxpayers. They say that you and I should support the bailout of these irresponsible failures, with billions of our tax dollars.

All this, while insisting that scraping-by teachers, who can barely afford a first mortgage, and who put in 60 hours a week or more to teach our children, are somehow sucking the life out of this country with their evil lust for more than they deserve. Yeah. Teachers, whose only "privilege" is to get assaulted by parents, students, and administrators, are the bad guys, while those with multiple houses and millions in the bank are poor victims.

So there you have the political philosophy of a major party in this country in a nutshell. Explains why we're in such trouble- because somehow people still listen to these idiots.

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  1. FYI: one of my favorite blogs: Even though its intended audience is teachers, everyone should read it. Perhaps they'd have more empathy for the people who teach their kids.