Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Publishing Events

Lots of places to read about the current state of writing and selling.

First, Laura Miller of Salon has a piece on how modern writers must market their work, and how so many great writers would have failed utterly at this.

And this piece on Wunderkind Amanda Hocking, the Queen of Successful Self Ebook Publishing, who has decided to outsource so much of the work of promotion to a big pub house. She's finally signing a print deal, which is the right move for her at this stage. And she's right- the constant drive to promote means you have less time to write new material.

Lastly, the flip side of that, where an established pro is tired of dealing with the issues of a big pub house, and the lost revenue, and so just turned down a half-million dollar deal, in favor of self-pubbing his next two books. Again, it's the right decision for him. Barry Eisler piece

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