Thursday, March 17, 2011


Today's entry is going to sound a bit harsh. Sorry about being a downer on St. Patrick's Day.

Today in the newspaper there are two stories about American murderers.
Both of them have escaped justice, because we don't seem to grasp that concept, to our everlasting shame.

One murderer is a CIA contractor who killed two people in Pakistan.
He got off because someone threw money at the families of the butchered people.
Way to show the world what America is all about.

Another was a Marine, who gunned down an unarmed person. Apparently, he hasn't even shown remorse over taking the life of a human being. This happened years ago, and he still hasn't been convicted.
Yup, real American values.

So the next time some jingoistic dimbulb asks why people in other countries hate us, you can tell them. Because the American people allow our leaders to send killers to other countries, butcher civilians, and get away with it.

And it's all using our tax dollars, fully supported by us. So tell those angry idiots to stop complaining about how high taxes are, until they protest how their money is used to massacre people.

Oh, yeah, and what do you think would happen if soldiers from some other country came over here, shot down a few people and then skipped off? We'd be calling for war.

Just remember kids-- murder, kidnapping, and torture are all okay if Americans do it. If someone does it who's not American, then it's EVIL and must be stopped at all costs.

What a bubble we live in.

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