Monday, March 28, 2011

Ebook off to publisher!

Have spent some time in getting my novel, A Memory of Grief, properly formatted for my publisher, Briona Glen, to upload to Smashwords, where it will soon be available for purchase as an ebook!

Yup, it's on the way, folks! After a long time and much persistence, my first novel will be out for sale. The print version is in the works as well, hope to see that out in 6-8 weeks.

Been a long road. There are stringent requirements to getting the book properly posted in the premium catalog, but I have faith that my publisher will do it right. It'll be available in all epub formats: Kindle, Nook, the Apple ereader, PDF, HTML (so you can read it in any web browser).

The book also contains Chapter One of the followup book in the series, A Fall From Grace.

And I'll be working on an audio recording sample of the first chapter.

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