Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Another great response by Joe Konrath, to a rather silly article in the Guardian, Are Books Dead, and Can Authors Survive?

Well, to answer the twit who wrote the Guardian article, NO to the first, and YES to the second. Just not in the way of the past. Yeah, it's going to change, but article-typists like this bozo think change means death.

Ya gotta love it when these nitwits opine with unsupported claims about the future of working writers-- without quoting any working writers...

According to them, the changes in many industries means artists can't make a living anymore. Wow. In the world of dumbass claims, that's gotta rank right up there.

Konrath slices and dices the article in his usual style, exploding the fallacies. Good reading.

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  1. The inability to grasp that authors can make money with ebooks is simply amazing. It's astonishing how otherwise very sharp people are totally missing the boat. Probably because they're so used to traditional ways, they simply can't imagine doing things any differently.