Friday, August 12, 2011

Another Top Writer Who Got Continually Rejected

Another best-seller turned down 60 times by "professionals" who know the business and what sells and doesn't:

And yet, for validation in the old traditional legacy model of publishing, some self-serving hacks continue to spout that writers are supposed to kowtow to these moronic gatekeepers, of whom it looks like about 1 in 61 know a good product when it bites them in the ass.

At my last Crime Bake mystery convention, author after author held up one of their best-sellers and told how many times the book had been rejected before getting to someone who recognized talent, whereupon it shot to the top of the charts. And yeah, many were in the 60's range of rejections.

Roughly 1 in 60 "pros" who can spot a good writer and a good product. In any other business, that would be abject failure.

Joe Konrath is right. Write something good, get it edited properly, self-publish if you have to, and do a ton of promoting. If it's good, the readers will come.

We don't need these bozos anymore to act as the gatekeepers of talent. Especially since so damn few of them can recognize it.

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