Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Words of Inspiration

Today I'm posting someone else's words, not because I'm lazy, but because she says it better.
This is from Holly Lisle, one of the hardest-working writers today, and one pushing for a higher quality of writing and for writers to feel better about writing.

Read this, and you'll know why I love her.

"The economy sucks. We know this.

But did you know that if you're a writer---even if you're
a kid sitting at home writing your first novel by
hand in a three-ring binder---you are a positive
force for good?

Today? Right now?

That the FACT that you are a working writer, even if
you've never sold anything, matters to people you will
never meet?

You need to know.

You matter BECAUSE you're a writer.

In the new article on my site, I demonstrate what
writers from beginner to successful indie and commercially
published writers do to create jobs, feed people, and
undo some of the damage being done in other parts of
the economy."

Money From Nothing: The Economic Value of Writing
Original Fiction


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