Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Distribution News

So yesterday someone was trying to buy the ebook version of my novel on Smashwords, but a search on both my name and the title yielded no results. When it had worked wonderfully up until then. So I tried, and still no results.

Finally figured out that their stupid "Adult Content" filter keeps getting flipped to on, which means you get nothing but kids books, and it won't show books that are for sale on the site.

Aw, fer cry-yi, folks, at least put the thing where this crap won't happen! I almost lost a sale because of this. What a PITA. Your site is less than useless with this filter on.

And I got great advice from the NY Times Best-Seller writer Debbi Mack, who said that I should get my book up on the Kindle store and through PubIt. I checked, and it was available on the Nook store, but not on Kindle, although you can get a Kindle version by going through Smashwords (and all other formats as well).

So I sent word to my publisher, and Director of Operations Dana Blythe
leaped to the rescue. As of today, the Kindle store now sports "A Memory of Grief ."

So Dana is The Heroine of the Day! And my Best Friend for the day.

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  1. My pleasure to help, Dale. For good or ill, you'll sell way more Kindle downloads through Amazon than Smashwords, despite their availability on both sites. Go figure, huh? :)

    Plus any ebooks available on Amazon.com will also be available on Amazon UK and Amazon DE (Germany). :-D