Sunday, August 28, 2011

Editing, Writing Blog Notes

Have spent this hurricane-y day doing deep editing on "A Fall From Grace," the follow-up book to my mystery novel "A Memory of Grief."

Writing well is hard work. No matter how good my drafts are, there are many ways in which the final can get better. My critiquers are superb, though. Every time I took a shortcut or didn't do the best on the draft, they noted it on the manuscript. So I have to go through line by line and make everything shine.

Tough work. But worth it, when I get comments like the one from last night. I'd sold the novel to the guy at around 4 yesterday afternoon, and he'd finished it before midnight-- and said it was a great read.


In other news, the battle still rages between ebooks and print lovers:
Joe Konrath has a couple of postings with some cogent comments:

And from NY Times ebook best-seller Debbi Mack:

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