Monday, August 8, 2011

Kindlegraph, New Signing Technology, Max Barry

One of the things lost with digital ebooks is not being able to sign a copy for readers. Losing that personal connection is no fun.

We figured out one way around that. Give readers a CD with the PDF on it, and sign the label on the CD.

Now, as part of the revolution, new technology has being developed to allow for a form of signing. Check out Kindlegraph, where an author can now attach a digital signature to a file, so it's a form of signing your ebook! Cool, or what! Big help with promotion and connections.

It's a great time to be a writer!

Just heard about a new book due out tomorrow. Machine Man, by Max Barry, and it looks like a good one. I've never read this author before now, but will be checking this out.

It's also interesting because Barry apparently crowdsourced the editing of the novel, putting it out online for comment a couple of years ago. This drastically edited version is said to be superb.

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