Sunday, August 14, 2011


It's been an inspiring week, which is much needed to keep me going through the mountain of hard work and issues of life.

Being able to finally sign copies of my novel for people, and include a personal message is great. It provides a real connection with a person, rather than just some anonymous reader out in the void.

Having sold another story recently is a good validation of the work I continue to do, that editors know the work will be enjoyed by their readers.

Another one of my poems is being considered for publication after a rework. It's a good piece that needed a little more to make it much stronger.

A friend asked me for something I'd written in hopes it would help her friend get through a tough time. If my words could do that, I'm humbled and grateful. Even having her ask for such a thing is a compliment.

And another person found inspiration in some of the links I posted, about perseverance in the face of incredible odds.

All told, it's a good feeling.

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